Online Master of Technology Management Degrees

By Candice Mancini

An online master of technology management degree could be useful leadership training for technology and business professionals who are hoping to advance. These degree programs may prepare students for careers as business and technology executives. Part-time programs may allow students to remain in their current jobs, and these studies can often be completed in two years, including summer courses.

To be admitted to online master of technology management schools, students may need a bachelor's degree. In addition, many programs may also require that prospective students have a minimum amount, often three years, of professional technology and/or business experience.

Prerequisites aside, it is a unique person who may excel at this career. The individual must have a knack for technology and a willingness to pursue lifelong education; throughout their careers, technology managers must stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. In addition, these leaders require tact, diplomacy and the ability to inspire others. Good social skills are a must. While an online master of technology management degree may help students fine-tune these abilities, natural talents for leadership and technology are also essential.

Master of technology management: coursework

While courses offered through online master of technology management schools may vary by program, students should anticipate taking a combination of finance, management, leadership and technology courses. Specifically, these might include the following or similar courses:

  1. Business environment technology
  2. Corporate finance
  3. Global IT management
  4. Technology law
  5. Technology management
  6. Technology management economics

Programs may typically include a combination of required and elective courses. Some programs may require the completion of a master's project or thesis and/or internship hours with real-world businesses. For students who keep their jobs in technology, it may be sometimes possible to address actual work issues in their courses. For instance, a student writing an advanced computer program at work might be able to fine-tune the program in class.

Career options for grads of online master of technology management schools

Graduates of tech management programs may seek a range of jobs in technology and business, including coveted positions at big tech firms. However, the field is hardly limited to technology giants. Start-ups may offer ground-floor opportunities and often additional creative freedom. Because so many businesses utilize technology, graduates may also look for positions outside of high tech, including banks, universities, health care facilities and the government.

Whichever industry they choose, those who hold master of technology management degrees often seek roles such as the following:

  • Computer and information systems manager: Plans and directs research and computer-related business activities
  • Management analyst or management consultant: Analyzes technology and other ways to improve a business's structure and profits
  • Medical and health services manager: Uses technology to manage the delivery of health care

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following 2010 median salaries for these occupations:

  1. Computer and information systems managers: $115,780
  2. Medical and health services managers: $84,270
  3. Management analysts: $78,160

Job opportunities are expected in fields such as these for the 2010-2020 decade. For example, the BLS projects 18 percent growth for computer and information systems managers, which is faster than the average growth expected for U.S. occupations. Increased use of technology in the workplace is driving this increase in demand. For management analysts, the BLS predicts growth of 22 percent, which is much faster than average. Expansion may likely be in consulting firms that specialize in specific areas, such as international business or information technology.

Famous people in business technology

"Technology: No Place for Wimps!" said Scott Adams, the creator of the famous "Dilbert" comic strip. Sergey Brin and Larry Page stand as proof to this statement: Who would deem these two as wimpy? Co-founders of Google, Page is currently the company's CEO and Brin is director of special projects. They are also frequently found in top-10 lists of the people who most influence technology. Before becoming Google stars, the two earned master's degrees in computer science, demonstrating the strength of graduate studies in technology. It was in graduate school that the two perfected what would become the world's top search engine.

An advanced degree in the field of technology management may be a gateway to both opportunities and ideas. Online master of technology management programs could bolster qualifications and credentials for those with talents in technology and leadership.

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