Occupational Therapy: Show Others the Way to Better Health and Mobility

By Joe Aguilar

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) ranks occupational therapist as one of the top five fastest-growing jobs for people with master’s degrees. Take advantage of an online master’s degree from an accredited school to get in on the action and help other’s become more independent. Online programs allow you to finish on your own schedule and start working as quickly as possible.

With employment opportunities projected to grow much faster than average due to increasing demands for their services, occupational therapists are in high demand. Beginning in 2007, a master’s degree is considered the minimum educational requirement to enter this rapidly growing field.

Occupational therapists help patients improve and regain basic motor and reasoning skills, so they can lead more independent and productive lives. You might work with people who have sustained spinal injuries, or who have been disabled since birth. One thing is certain; occupational therapists can provide major positive impacts on their patients’ lives.

Online Master’s Degree Programs Help You Get Started

Occupational therapy curricula generally require classes in human behavior as well as biological science. Supervised internships are also required to provide students with real world experience. You’ll also need patience and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations in order to be successful. An online program can allow you to work at your own pace through these requirements so you’ll be thoroughly prepared, even if you keep your day job while you’re studying. Most occupational therapists work in hospitals and earn between $45,000 and $59,000.

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