Holistic Nutrition Online Master's Degrees: Natural Health Offers Alternatives

By Joe Aguilar

Looking for health answers outside those offered by the medical profession? A Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition incorporates diet as a therapy for the maintenance of health and treatment of ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to toxic metal poisoning. Distance learning programs provide cost-effective and flexible ways to earn your degree.

“Tang is just an orange juice phony,
Drowning, despite five-color Lifesavers,
Under a brown Diet Pepsi sea.
Someone must get wise to this. It may as well be me!”
— Sherry Levinson

With a holistic nutrition degree you’ll have a deeper understanding of how the things people and drink eat impact their health. Today more people are concerned about increased exposure to toxins in the environment and unhealthy eating habits. At the same time, people are becoming increasingly wary of traditional medicine’s abilities to prevent and solve health problems like elevated rates of cancer and diabetes.

Rosella Palazzolo describes the situation this way, “In the check-out line at our local grocery store, a young mother pacified her child with neon-colored candy while unloading the following: white bread, cola, chips, cheese dip, several boxes of sugary cereal, wieners, cupcakes, marshmallows, frozen fish sticks, and fourteen boxes of microwavable mac & cheese. There was nothing real in the entire shopping cart: no fruit, no vegetables; only fatty, sugary, cholesterol-laden JUNK. Welcome to the unconscious, unhealthy eating habits of too many American families.”

Holistic nutrition offers a way to empower yourself and others to take an active role in wellness.

What Courses Are Included in a Holistic Nutrition Degree?

Students generally begin with background courses in biology and nutrition, with some programs including prerequisite topics such as Consulting Practice and Cancer: Prevention and Politics. Core curricula often include courses in Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Antioxidants, and Weight Management. Then students pick electives such as Herbology and Alternative Approaches to Arthritis.

Advantages of an Online Holistic Nutrition Degree

If you’re looking to better understand the impact of food on health and to learn how to maximize wellness through healthy living, you should consider an online master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. Many programs allow you to connect to a network of students and holistic health professionals throughout the world and use online chat rooms available 24/7. Students often keep their fulltime jobs and fit courses around their personal and professional commitments by studying at night or while traveling.



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100% Online & No Standardized Testing

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