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Online Master of Technology Management Degrees
By Candice Mancini - November 14, 2011

Online master of technology management programs are so designed that they may help professionals advance to leadership roles in high-tech careers. Here is an overview of master's degree programs, coursework and career paths.

Online Master of Engineering
By Candice Mancini - November 14, 2011

Online master of engineering degrees may lead to a broad range of careers in 17 different engineering specialties. Graduate degrees could increase chances of better jobs, including roles in research and academia.

Online Master of Computer Science Programs
By Amelia Gray - November 14, 2011

Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google are among the famous holders of master's degrees in computer science. Graduate programs may offer campus-based as well as online routes to this advanced degree.

Master of Information Assurance Degree
By Woodrow Aames - November 11, 2011

A master of information assurance degree may lead to careers protecting the nation's governmental, military, financial and health care organizations from hackers.

Online Master of Business Programs
By Shannon Lee - November 10, 2011

The master of business degree may lead to positions in a variety of industries. Online MBA programs may also allow students to advance their education while gaining work experience in their current jobs.

Online Master of Electrical Engineering Training Programs
By Amelia Gray - November 10, 2011

The Master of Electrical Engineering is a degree which may be chosen by astronauts, business leaders and innovators in the field. Online MSEE programs may offer continuing education options for professional engineers.

Master of Health Care
By Ysobel Croix - November 10, 2011

A master's degree may provide credentials for entry into the health care management field.

Master of Information Technology degrees
By Kelly Richardson - November 10, 2011

Online master of information technology programs usually cover a wide spectrum of solution-driven topics, such as computer programming, software engineering, software development, software testing and computer security.

Master of civil engineering
By Shannon Lee - November 9, 2011

Want to build bridges? How about skyscrapers? Professionals with master's degrees in civil engineering are trained to qualify for designing and overseeing construction of the structures that make the world work.